Native English speaking Western Acupuncturist now available in Netanya!

Jeremy Nathan, a native English speaker and UK-qualified physician with over 15 years clinical experience as a specialist in Western Acupuncture in the UK, is now available for consultation in Kiryat Hasharon, Netanya.

Jeremy was awarded the Diploma in Medical Acupuncture (DipMedAc) by the British Medical Acupuncture Society (BMAS) in 2004, later becoming an examiner for their Diploma.  In addition to Western acupuncture, Jeremy gained over 25 years' clinical experience working in Family Medicine (General Practice) in the UK.  In 2019 he made aliyah with his wife Deborah to Kiryat Hasharon, Netanya.

Jeremy uses a combination of acupuncture techniques, including micro-acupuncture, trigger-point acupuncture and electro-acupuncture. 


He has particular interest and experience in treating general musculoskeletal pain and myofascial trigger point disorders, allergies including hay fever and rhinitis, unexplained stomach pains in children, migraine, cancer therapy-related symptoms, male and female infertility, digestive system disorders, women's health and menopausal conditions as well as general medical acupuncture.

For more information about this service, or acupuncture in general, please follow the links above, or email or telephone Jeremy directly.

Contact Information


To make an appointment or for further information please contact Jeremy via:


Mobile:       058-7734-246